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Traditional armenian music


Traditional armenian music


I have decided to create playlist with traditional music of:

It is country of Apricots, Pomegranates, Grapes and ofcourse, Duduk! Maybe You've guessed correctly. I have decided to collect traditional music from Armenia, or sometimes, armenian diaspora.

If You dislike this nation due to politics, or another issues, this is Your thing, but music connected people together. There are various similarities in armenian music with neighbour countries, for example I have found a similar instruments, like Duduk in Azerbaijan. In Armenia, there are also instruments, which are used for example in turkish, or azeri music, for example Qanun, Zurna, Oud, ETC.

I'll add new songs to this playlist, as soon, as possible. You can follow It, if You want.

Thank You and happy listening. 

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