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Under 1000 but not for long.. ;)


Under 1000 but not for long.. ;)

Let's all add some bangers that have <1000 plays and show em some love! 

I'll kick it off and give a listen to every song added to the thread! 🙂 ❤️ 

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If you like what you hear, add it to your playlists 🙂

Hey, I'm Jens a producer from Germany. I would like to share my EP "Explore" with you which came out today.

Cool track!

Hey guys,


If you want to listen some rock/metal versions of famous classical pieces, here is my playlist that includes my tracks. Check it out! Cheers

This is dope, I also love that cover art ❤️

An indie rock instrumental I made recently. Was one of the first tracks I ever recorded guitars for even though I've been making hiphop beats for years!


(I also don't know if this is the correct way to link songs, someone help me out here!)

The hottest new dance single of the year is out now. Da Money Walk by L.O.E has taken the nation by storm. Check it out here:



Also check out the official music video featuring Dan Rue and Nick Nack from Mtvs Wildn Out here:

If anyone is a Thom Yorke/Radiohead fan then you might like this guy:

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