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What are you listening at the moment?


What are you listening at the moment?

It's easy, just tell us honestly what you are listening at the moment?


I was listening to this while writing this:

Rasster – Summer Stories (feat. Matthew Moz)


What about you?


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Listening to Amy Macdonald, this girl is so, so talented, if you don't know her songs please give them a listen, promise you won't be disappointed.


Of course I’m listening to the album that got the most streams in single day in Spotify history!


Hello everyone  I hope I am welcome here, my name is oge stan. Am a gospel  singer  and a song writer.  I just released  two of my Singles  three week ago, and it is really been a struggle  to  promote  and get real insights  of how things  are done. I would appreciate  Any idea from you guys on how to get my music out there. Here is the link to one of my gospel song. I hope it bless you heart. You can follow and like me, and I would do same for you. I guess we can support  each  other. God bless you all.

Died In Your Arms REMIXED!!

Finally something to annoy my neighbours with!

Please , listen follow and like my song. Dm me to do same for you.

What if I don't have any Friends? Well... There's even music for that on Spotify.

I don't have friends, and i DON'T NEED THEM! 🤣

Conhece esse som?

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