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What does the profile picture next to the songs mean?


What does the profile picture next to the songs mean?

                          Hello guys ! I`m trying for a long time to find out, in Blends what means the profile pictures next to the song on the right side .... the picture on the right means that that person was the first one who listened the song, that person is listening the song more than the one from the left, that person saved the song in his/her playlists or what ????? ..... And what about the picture on the left side, what can you tell me about that, what means, that this person is listening less those songs ? 


                                                                                                    Thank you ! 

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What are you using Spotify on? A desktop? As I’ve never seen that icon on iPhone / iOS … like ever 😅

Hello, I`m using Spotify app on both devices phone and laptop, phone with iOS and laptop with windows 10, and the icon that I`m telling you about guys it can be found on both devices app ..... don`t know why you`ve never seen that icon on the app but I can assure you that it`s there, it`s available .... at least in Europe it`s available and shown :)) ..... the picture that I uploaded on the original post is from my laptop and this one attached to this reply is from my iPhone .... 

spotify blend iOS.jpg

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