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Do you spend hours crafting the perfect playlist and getting those moods and transitions just right? If you've been giving your playlists major TLC and have no likes to show for your awesomeness, I want to see them!


Here's my profile - have fun discovering new frequencies and playlist Easter eggs:


My latest playlist - THE SOUL FEED - is a fusion of classic and contemporary soul, funk and alternative jazz. Enjoy!

It has 8 likes at the moment - if you like the playlist, let me know!

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This is my chill playlist of some of my laid back instrumental tracks I've written/created. Perfect for . . . well, studying:)


this is mine, go follow, it would be so appreciate! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Definitely feel you there! 

Let me know what you think of my house music playlist.

Here is my AWESOME playlist! if you like it Please give a follow:)

I personally like variety, diversity and a human touch in playlists - I'm interested in mixes that have been crafted with love

Here is one I made for when you are driving around during a pretty sunset

This is my current favorite and one of my newest playlists. Yellowjackets is my favorite show lately, which inspires this, specifically The Antler Queen. If you love the show, please check out my playlist. Shuffle is the best way to experience this and my other playlists. However, I take the time to pick out the first 10-20 songs specifically. Enjoy!

hey everyone here is my take on princess diaries โค๏ธ 


and here is my take for rainy day vibes 

Here is mine. I have made a really dope blend of smooth lyricism and dope beats. Rap and Hip hop. Perfect workout music and soundtrack for your road-trip. Handpicked by yours truly.

a curated collection of Korean RnB, Hip Hop, and Indie music with a mix of trending and underground artists.

I just made this playlist called "This is: your childhood" - with some nostalgic songs, and just songs you might connect with childhood, enjoy!


I also made this one called "EDM for people who don't like EDM", I think it says it all ๐Ÿ˜œ


๐Ÿฅต  Music to Move to... Mix bag of old and brand new releases to keep things interesting ... Good for long runs too. Warm up and long cooldown included. This one has a few sets and surprises from rock to house to dnb. Go go!

i make a lot of playlists to suit the activity that i'm doing โ€” these are for when i'm making art and designing for uni! 

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