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kpop playlist exchange !!


kpop playlist exchange !!

hi i've been getting into kpop lately and if anyone wants to exchange playlists / get into kpop, check out my playlist and drop yours, i'll follow back : )

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I'm not as into kpop as I used to be, but I do listen to it from time to time

This playlist is about 10hrs long and contains stuff I was really jamming to last year

I hope you like it!



  1. Followed both your K-Pop playlists. Interested in some J-Pop ?? 

this playlist actually consists of my favourite k-indie tracks i’ve been loving ! although there are a few k-pop songs on here hehe ! im open to discovering more though!

Cool playlist 💯 Followed it

Here is my playlist including underrated artists :3 

Awesome. Followed playlist and you

aww thank u ❤️

You're very welcome

Oh nice playlist! Will definitely give it a listen

Followed your playlist Jay 🌟

I like. 🔥 Followed

thank you sm!! ur playlist (girls of kpop) is also fire ;))

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