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oddly specific playlist thread?


oddly specific playlist thread?

i absolutely love specific playlists and want to see others! here’s mine; the overall theme of it is listening to the radio on a sunny day in the late 70s to early 80s in your kitchen - overall vibe is soft rock, yacht rock, classic etc... if anyone has song recommendations for this please let me know! 😛

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All my playlists are oddly specific. 🙂 Here's one for when I'm angry and sad because another one of my favorite characters got killed off and I'm ready to switch to only reading fan fic.

I LOVE it when people can convey those specific things in a playlist! here are a couple of my most oddly specific playlists:

These are songs that honestly make me feel like I'm in a weird fever-dream. They don't all sound the same, but to me, they have the same dream-like vibe:


This playlist is best for taking a walk in a mysterious, mossy forest:



I got one with rlly great songs by underrated creators

this is a playlist based on the ‘tunnel scene’ in Perks of being a Wallflower - but if you haven’t seen it, it’s a euphoric, finally being happy sorta playlist

mwah xox 


I based my playlist off of the general vibe of the movie Can You Ever Forgive Me. The playlist is basically, you're a young librarian in the 90's living in a NYC apartment with your two pet cats. The style is sort of dark academia and the color pallet is neutrals, lots of browns and cream colors. It makes me think of typewriters, books, libraries, oversized blazers, and glasses.


Vintage Vibes 

Loved yourss 🙂

check out mine, its fresh out of oven lol


I based this playlist on the music my dad used to play on his nights home from work! it gives me very much 8 pm on a sunday night energy and is pretty personal and specific to me!



being outside laying in the grass with the sun warming your skin


you're happy and its a sunny Sunday 😄


its 2am and you're not really sad, just numb


dreaming about dancing in a kitchen with someone


staring at the sky and questioning if anything is real and if there's a god out there somewhere


wanting to get on a bus to nowhere and just disappear


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