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playlists with vibes u cant describe

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Ok, I have a lot of playlists with vibes I can't really describe haaha but I'll do my best to summarize them. Here are my favourites:


This one reminds me of driving at night in the city with neon lights illuminating the street:


This one has a sad but all-knowing tone to it, and sort of makes me feel like I'm floating, idk:


This one is a bit trippy and the songs remind me of a fever dream or something:

this playlist has a weird and personal meaning to me. some of these songs are sweet songs mixed with a different vibe. its a feeling where you feel like you would do anything for somebody but then deep down you know that they might not do the same for you.

feeling particularly *you* today? this playlist is 100% singing into your hairbrush, dance around the room vibes, so don’t hold back!


Love this!! Here is my String Textures playlist (updated regularly) - the list features carefully curated contemporary classical string based music, perfect to unwind and get lost in! 🙂

for sure its this playlist. its inspired by the tunnel scene in perks of being a wallflower. gotta give it a try !!!


A playlist series inspired by the nine spiritual insights of the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. This is playlist 1/9.

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