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question about spotify blend playlist


question about spotify blend playlist

anyone know what this means in my spotify blend playlist w my friend? im referring to the two pfp circles next to each other. my friend’s pfp circle is purple (+ i have an actual pfp) so im not sure what the brown circle is


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Hey, I’m sorry this is late but I noticed the same thing in a blend I have with a friend and these are the songs that we both know and like! I think that simply means Spotify caught songs both you and the other person enjoy listening to and added them to your blend playlist, so you like the same songs 🙂

What it means if my pfp is first or my friends is first?

I’m not sure if this is correct but from what I’ve observed, if your picture is first, that means your friend listens to that song more than you but you both like it.

Did you guys download the songs to listen to them offline?

Hey there 


Ok so this function is called 'Make collaborative'. In this function Spotify make your playlist collaborative where anyone on the Spotify can add music to your playlist or you can just invite your friends from social media from which they can add music.


Which means it's no longer yor pvt playlist but you can make it non-collaborative any time by clicking on the option button.


Hope it helps.




This is different than collaborative playlists. It’s a new feature called “Spotify Blend” that Spotify is testing out in beta at the moment and they haven’t explained it much yet so we’re just taking guesses here lol you can find them on Made For You.

The one closest to the right side of the screen, belongs to the person who listens to the song the most and viceversa.

The pfp can disappear if you stop listening to the song or haven’t listen to it in a while

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