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what should i name this playlist


what should i name this playlist

hi all! what should i name this playlist do you think? i dont want it to be like christmas or smt but creative.

4 Replies

So we meet again. I tried keeping them all consistent with your other playlists:

mistletoe melodies

holiday cheer

season's greetings

xmas lights & snowball fights


I've noticed I'm either super trash at titles or this is an area I excel in. There's no in-between.

Hello hello, I tried to think of somthing Beatles/song related bc I'm still fangirling your strawberry fields forever one (and john lennon's War is Over is a classic) but came up w/ nada. But mistletoe melodies is actually a good one. Or what about "mistletoe moments"?


Alternative suggestions:

"Silver bells & button noses" (w the xmas tree emoji b/c that's adorable)

"Do you hear the bells?"

"Holli-jingles" <------ SORRY that ones really lame (but it's a christmas play on words!!! Ho ho HO everyone.) Ok I'm done now.


Your playlists titles tend to be straightforward and match the vibe of the cover photo really well so go with your gut.

aww thank u so much with the help. btw im really happy if you liked my playlist. it means a lot :))

yeah haha we always meet. thank u so much. i really liked the mistletoe melodies :))

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