[Desktop] Scroll position not saved when navigating through pages

Hey folks,  


We're receiving reports from users that navigating back and forth through the desktop app no longer returns them to the point on the page they were previously on. If they're halfway down a page and try navigating forward a page, returning to the previous page will put them to the top of the page instead of the point they were at. 


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Hey folks,


We wanted to let you know that the team has been working on this.


Could you please update your Spotify app and let us know how the behavior is after version 1.1.62? We're specifically interested to know how this works for items from your collection and playlists vs. other areas on the app.



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Loving the new UI so far but It's slightly annoying that navigating back and forth through the desktop app no longer returns you to the point on the page you were on previously, i.e. If I'm halfway down a page then navigate forward a page, returning to the previous page will put you to the top of the page rather than the point you were at. Makes navigating the app a bit slower & less fluid.

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EDIT: This was submitted as an Idea, but a mode merged it into here as a comment.


Hi everyone!


I used to rely heavily on the desktop app remembering where you left a certain playlist.


eg.: I'm at the bottom of Playlist A, I quickly go to Playlist B, then I click on Playlist A again and it opens at the bottom, where I last was positioned in this playlist.


With the new UI, every time you enter a playlist it puts you at the top. This is a major inconvenience for me, for sorting and playlist-making reasons.


EDIT: This seems to be the case in playlists, on artist pages and generally the whole app. A related problem is also that when you search a song, click it and then clear the filter, you jump back to the top instead of seeing the song you highlighted (thanks to @brian for pointing tis out.


This could be just a little hick-up since the UI changed, but I hope this is resolved soon!




Please! This has completely ruined editing for me.

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This needs to be fixed soon. It's one of the most important features of the old Spotify versions that's been completely removed/broken.


I also miss this.


Yes, the position on pages, products and playlists are now ”forgotten” when exiting them and returning. Maybe the "idea" should include all scenarios?


Also when using the search/filter function within a playlist you are no longer moved to the position of the track (you start playing/highlight) after clearing the filter. You stay in top of page and have to scroll and look for the track (making the search/filter function useless). Is there an "idea" in place for this as well?


I agree, please please add this back.


Just tested and confirmed it doesn't even return to the location if you are currently PLAYING a track in that playlist.

This definitely needs to be fixed.

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@brian thanks, I added it to the idea, I hope I explained it correctly.

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Voted! Edit: Also just noticed there's another submission for the same issue here.


I'm definitely missing this behavior from the old version as well. Especially because of this other change from the old version: when working with playlists of albums, in order to keep the album track order you need to sort by Date Added with most recent at the bottom of the playlist. Before I could sort by Date Added with most recent at the top of the playlist and the albums would not reverse their track order.



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