Google nest hub and spotify connected devices


Google nest hub and spotify connected devices

Casual Listener

Just got a Google nest hub bu the problem is that there is no where in the spotify player on the nest hub that i can select a spotify connected device.


I have a LG speaker system that use spotify connect, bluetooth and chromecast.
The problem here is that i cannot select the LG speakers as a spotify connect device on the nest hub, the  google home app also cant add the LG speakers to the home group so there for it wont use the chromecast function, this just leavs me adding the LG speakers as a bluetooth speaker this means all audio from the google nest hub "assistant and everything else" comes out the LG speakers... 

So looking a side you cant fix the google home app so that the chromecat feature will work. I was thinking you might be albe to answer why the spotify app on the nest hub cant select the LG speakers as they can use spotify connect.

the speakers and spotify connect works great if using spotify on my computer or on my tablet or phone.

so at it works all the other places i am thinking its not the speakers or the network that there is something wrong with, but it might be the app on the nest hub.
is this you area or googles ???