Lil Peep song stolen, released by other artist


Lil Peep song stolen, released by other artist


My Question or Issue

While on Discover Weekly, I heard “Witchblades” by Lil Peep & Lil Tracy, (which has [to my knowledge] only been uploaded on SoundCloud and YouTube) except it was released to Spotify by an artist by the name of “Bunk 15 GANG”. This is the only release from said artist, with no credits other than claiming it was performed by “Bunk 15 GANG” and released by “B15 Records”. The song is very obviously ripped from Lil Peep & Lil Tracy, with no credit to either of the two artists. Seeing as how “Witchblades” is supposed to be in Lil Peep’s upcoming album titled “EVERYBODY’S EVERYTHING”, it is beyond disrespectful to steal another artists music and claim it as your own. (Especially when the original artist has passed away.) I’m hoping that this community can do something about this thievery and complete lack of respect to a deceased artist. I have attached screenshots of the song, credits, and artist page. Thank you.