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[All Platforms][Playlists] Playlist Caption, Community section

[All Platforms][Playlists] Playlist Caption, Community section

Just a little add-on to your never ending playlists, the caption gives your playlist a heart and soul to all your selected songs and tells a story about any event, whether that is just a simple emotion, life quotes , or the origin of your love story, you can now judge a book by its cover.

NOTE: To expand on this idea, this could be implemented in the browsing category of Spotify where you the app asks for a caption or a single word, Spotify will then recommend some suggestions based on what your preferences are. This is similar to the recommend songs area, with a slight improvements.

The community is important in playing an important part in growing and expanding Spotify, so maybe the implementation of a community category would also allow for quicker and stronger interactions with people who share similar tastes. People can share the music they love with other people, simply by posting on a social wall ( let's say Spotify wall) and which may help other people find new ingredients in their culinary musical palate. Their are endless upon thousands of songs within Spotify that are being waited to fire up and listen to, whether it is "baby" by Justin beiber or just old school classics MC Punjabi, as your slogan says, "music for everyone".

This will hopefully liven up the pretty restricted, social capabilities of Spotify and hopefully expand this, of course we must take into account that this is a music streaming software - so restrictions can be made to ensure that it never dies ( don't turn into the likes of instagram). We don't want to be talking about last night'a super bowl or the legend of Harambe smh.

Hopefully this post comes through, now I've got a written assignment due tmmr and it's 12 o clock midnight.

I guess I can search up one word on Spotify...



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