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[Amazon Echo] Can Alexa play my "Liked Songs"?

[Amazon Echo] Can Alexa play my "Liked Songs"?


Is it possible to play my "Liked Songs" (marked with ❤️) on Spotify with Amazon Echo?

For other playlists, I can play them by saying "Alexa, play the playlist [***] on Spotify", but this doesn't seem to work with my "Liked Songs".

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Same here. The standard “ my $playlist on Spotify” works for other playlists but not my liked songs. 

Hey @jhgruv and @White8785,


Thanks for getting in touch!


Liked Songs is essentially a playlist as well. Have you tried asking: "Alexa, please play the playlist Liked Songs".


Hope it work! Let us know how it goes.


Have a nice day.

We literally stayed that doesn’t work in our posts above. I just tried again for the **bleep** of it, and no that doesn’t work. She returns, “I can’t find the playlist Liked Songs”. 


The same syntax works fine for other playlists. 

Hey @White8785,


Thanks for getting back to us.


Sorry that must've slipped us. Could you try saying some variations?


  • Play my Favorite Songs
  • Play my Songs

Hope that works. The Liked Songs playlist is quite new and perhaps Alexa doesn't know yet what Liked Songs are.


Let us know how it goes so we can look further.


Have a nice day.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve tried that variation and every other variation I can think of.

Is there an issue or something that we can track to verify if Alexa knows this, and if not track track it’s development?


Hey @White8785 and @jhgruv,


Thanks for getting back to us.


We've looked into this a bit and found that it's important that both the country in the Amazon account is the same country as your Spotify account.


Could you find out if this is the case?


Let us know how it goes. Have a nice day.

yup, it's all the same - US.

Following this as I'm also extremely interested in this being a feature. In the past I have created an "all songs" playlist, but that's a complete pain to create and manage. 

Got it!  


"Alexa, play my liked songs on Spotify" worked for me this morning.  I had tried " liked songs on Spotify", " liked songs playlist on Spotify", but never " liked songs on Spotify". 


It's not immediately obvious, because the 'liked songs' is under 'Playlists', and other Playlists worked like expected, but 'Liked Songs' didn't.


Hope that helps everyone.

Also, " my songs on Sportify" works too. 

i came across this on accident just say alexa start and she will automatically play your liked songs in shuffle i hope everyone finds this helpful 

Ok if you say start it will resume what you were last found so play Spotify and then hit start I’m sorry I didn’t figure out sooner nothing works for me I’ve been trying everything if I say alexa play liked songs or any of the other phrases it just plays random music please fix this amazon and Spotify

This is definitely the best solution:

" my songs on Spotify"


Thank you. Looks like currently using that command also auto-enables shuffle.


I don't like (no pun intended) the "liked songs" verbiage in the command, because Alexa mishears the word "liked" all the time, unless you pronounce the K super hard.  I regularly get Alexa playing "light songs", or "light playlist"...or if I don't include the term Spotify in the command, sometimes it'll even turn on the light in the room I'm in, lol.

re: shuffle enabled - I hate the shuffle issue, and thought that was just
me. I’ve tried everything to disable shuffle, but nothing works.

Hey Spotify! Is there a fix for the shuffle issue ^^^?

Re: liked songs - i have the same issues, and have found you can drop the
word “liked”, and just say “play my songs on Spotify” as well.

My friend just bought me a third-generation Echo Dot. When I tell Alexa to "play my liked songs on Spotify," my liked songs will start playing, but I also get a bunch of songs I don't remember adding. I've thought there might be something in there I added inadvertently, because I used to add full albums to my favorite songs list. But there are songs playing that I don't even know! What is this?

Hey there @musicfan3,


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We know it sound simple, but could you try to log out and log back in. This will help you account to re-synchronize with the servers.


If you keep hearing songs which you haven't marked with the little heart icon, send us a screenshot and we'll have a look into this further.


Also let us know if this happens when you play your Liked songs straight from your phone, while not being connected to the smart speakers.

We'll be on the lookout for your reply 🙂 

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Mine does it the same it plays a random bunch of songs based on my liked songs but, not my liked songs.

Hi @stormyuk


Thanks for getting in touch about this. 


Could you let us know if you've already tried with "Alexa, play my songs on Spotify" or "Alexa, play my liked songs on Spotify"? It seems it has worked for other users before. 

Also, would you mind letting is know when this issue started?


We'll be on the lookout for your reply!

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It needs Spotify Premium.

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