An error occurred Something went wrong. Try reloading the page. Other devices in the network work


An error occurred Something went wrong. Try reloading the page. Other devices in the network work


So 2 or so days ago every time i try to open the web player i get that message, no matter the browser i use, or anything. I tried clearing cache, cookies, etc. to no avail. (windows 10 pro machine)

I did notice that other devices in the network do not show the same issue and can access the web player without issues (same account). My desktop is the only one to show the problem. No error code nothing, just a picture of a laptop wit the message "An error occurred Something went wrong. Try reloading the page."

Any ideas what i could do? or what could be? thank you!

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I have the same problem. I use now the url . Then I am redirected to the login page and can login.

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Hey @guaripolo, thanks for writing!


I've found a similar issue that was solved by a user, so it might be useful to you:


Let me know if you need further help!

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I had the same issue. After some trial and error, and some debugging in Chrome with F12, I narrowed the problem to my cookies. I figured out that the problem went away when I deleted my cookies, and it came back whenever I closed my browser and came back to spotify with existing spotify cookies. Well, cookies have some useful stuff, like for example they keep me logged into some websites, and they keep track of what page I'm on in Homestuck. I don't wanna delete all my hard-earned cookies every time I listen to music. 


I looked into it some more, and found out that Chrome cookies are stored in a sqlite database called "Cookies" in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

(I'm running Windows 10 btw).


Long story short, I wrote a simple piece of code in C++ to run the following query against that database:


DELETE FROM cookies WHERE host_key LIKE "%spotify%";


I compiled the code and now I just run that whenever I get the above spotify error (which is literally every morning). I'd post it here, but I don't want to get in trouble for putting .exe's in attachments, etc. etc.. If you don't wanna write the code yourself, you can download a sqlite3 precompiled shell program here:


Copy the sqlite3.exe into your appdata folder (directory above), and run the following commands in order to delete only the spotify cookies:


.open Cookies

DELETE FROM cookies WHERE host_key LIKE "%spotify%";


Hope this helps somebody out there! More importantly, I hope spotify fixes their stuff.


I've been seeing this recently. I use Spotify across 4 different devices. My mobile always seems to work fine, but I have a desktop PC and 2 different laptops (one windows, on mac). On any of the computers  get this error each time I try to open the web player. The only fix I've found is similar to yours: every time I want to use the web player I have to open up my chrome settings, find the content store, and clear the stored cache for

I appreciate that this is often the workaround Spotify recommends, but it feels to me like they've got a known bug with how they're storing and handling their session data and they're passing the responsibility for the problem onto the user. Really disappointing. 


100% agree with this. I use the Spotify web player at work, as I am not able to download the Spotify app. I also cannot download extra Chrome extensions or C++ files to run on my work computer (due to IT restrictions). Basically, all I can do is clear my cache and cookies, which works for a few hours before I get the "An error occurred" message again. If there is something Spotify can do to get this working again and not make the users take responsibility for fixing it, that would be great.

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I have the same problem. I use now the url . Then I am redirected to the login page and can login.


thanks, Aghast. that works for me. i'll have to update my bookmark until spotify fixes this. 


I already tried all the recommendations and none of them gave me a solution, I agree that Spotify should take care of these problems and not the users


You know, you could also just right click the cookies and delete them.

Just right-click them in the "Application tab" if they're the website URL or Delete them individually using the button on the right of the "Filter" entry field.

EDIT: Of course using the developer console of Chrome (CTRL+SHIFT+J).


But yes, I have the same problem.


Anyone else who has this problem on desktop - this is a weird solution but worked for me


I searched 'desktop spotify' on google and got an artist url result for an artist called 'desktop'. Use that as your new spotify page. The home page still doesn't work but the rest does. I don't know if other artist urls work for this purpose.

That didn't work me for me. 😕

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