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Audiobooks says 'Included in Premium" on mobile app but is locked behind paywall on desktop app.

Audiobooks says 'Included in Premium" on mobile app but is locked behind paywall on desktop app.


Premium (Duo)




Samsung S22 Ultra and Windows Desktop Computer

Operating System

Android version 13 and Windows 11 Home 22H2


My Question or Issue

When using my Spotify mobile app, I am able to play and listen to audiobooks. The audiobooks have the green 'Included in Premium' tag, and I have no issues accessing the content. But if I try to listen to the same audiobook on my desktop app, it is locked behind a one-time purchase. I will attach screenshots. 

  • Yes, I have a Premium account and the monthly payment has not been missed.
  • Yes, I am logged into the same account on both devices.
  • I have cleared cache on the desktop app.
  • I have rebooted the Spotify app on both devices.
  • I have tried adding the audiobook to my library while using my mobile app but it still doesn't allow me to listen on the desktop app without purchasing.
  • I have tried starting the podcast on my phone then connecting to listen to it on my desktop, but it doesn't work. (Doing the same for music works normally as intended)
Screenshot 2023-10-06 122439.png
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Can confirm this isn't just an issue you're having. I'm experiencing the same issue in the UK, mobile app (Samsung S20) shows audiobooks "Included in Premium" but even when added to library I'm being prompted for payment on the web app. Same account, I pay for premium (duo) and payment hasn't been missed. Tried the web app on two different devices (both windows, one windows 10 and the other windows 11) and still the same problem.

Hopefully a bug and Spotify will fix it quickly, I don't want to have to use my phone all the time to enjoy the audiobook that should be included with the subscription now.

I have the same issue but reversed! I can stream audiobooks on Spotify browser but they are “locked” on the app - using the same premium account

I don’t know if you fixed it yet, but mine works if I search for the audiobook again from my app device. I think it didn’t like me resuming play from my “recently played” between devices. A bug I guess

I had the same problem, noticed it worked on desktop version. I then uninstalled the app then reinstalled it and it's worked, now have access. 

I would rather just buy the whole book and be allowed to listen to all in one go it rather than have to top up 9.99 each time for an extra 10 hours listening when i book could be way over that to listen to the whole book. I think its a a con!  

I have a variation on the issue: I am 43 minutes away from the end of an audiobook that is 13 hours and 3 minutes long, total. Spotify won't let me listen to the rest, saying I've used up mu 15 hours for the month but I haven't. Sooooo frustrating. Seems like a really lousy way to make users pay to "top up" before they're supposed to have to 😡

i reinstalled the spotify app on my phone (as it was only working on my desktop app) and its working now!


(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

I cannot listen to audiobooks on my iPhone's app. I know I have a certain number of free hours, but all of the books have a lock on them. But on my computer they do not. Any help is much appreciated







(iPhone 13 

Operating System

(iOS 17) 


My Question or Issue

Hello! I am a spotify Premium member. For some reason, I can access  spotify audiobooks on my laptop, but not on my phone. Why do you think that is? Is is pssible for them to be played on both or is it one or the other! 



I very much have not listen up 15 hrs of an audio book but I go back to it today on the same device (s22) and it says it’s no longer available. A made a playlist of a few ‘included in premium’ audiobooks and those also are all locked now. Why?

It says free online. Locked in app. I already logged in and out 2 times. Please help! Book is called Your Next Five Moves

Hi @Quinntontown!


Interesting. Could you log in on your account page and check if everything looks good with your subscription? Note that the audiobooks included in Premium are available in the following plans at the moment:

  • Premium Individual
  • Premium Family plan managers
  • Premium Duo plan managers

More info in this article.

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I have the same problem as above and all is well on my account page. 

Hey @jonathanchad,

Thanks for posting in the thread!

Just to check, does logging out from the app and back in again make any difference? You can also try clearing stored cache before logging out. As odd as this may sound, completing these steps should resync your account info.

If that doesn't do the trick, can you let us know if all Audiobooks appears as locked, or does it only happen with a specific book?

Let us know how it goes.

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  • I agree! My shifts are 13 hrs. I have topped off before and still lost 8 out of the 10 hrs I bought...even though I closed out of the app for the night. If your going to put a limit... then make it by book not by hour.

Pretty sure I'm having this same issue. On a family plan, I am the plan manager. I can listen to audio books on the web or app on my computer and it says 'included in premium' and lets me play it.


On my iphone it says locked.

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