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[BB] Blackberry Bold 9900 does not appear in 'Devices'

[BB] Blackberry Bold 9900 does not appear in 'Devices'



Trying to sync my Blackberry 9900 with my offline tracks.


Spotify doesn't seem to be able to detect my 9900. It doesn't show up in 'Devices' either when I go through the procedure to use wifi, or even if I connect via USB and follow the procedure.


It just won't show up.


Any clues would really be very appreciated.


Very best



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same here with Torch9800 😞 not shown in devices... would be great for local files!

Did you already try this one? (see solution in that thread)

I think you misunderstood the problem here.

Problem is that we can't sync local files to our BB.


Mine starts to sync (can see the progress bar on the playlist with 1 of X songs), but it doesn't progress...

You are right, I misunderstood that topic. Sorry for that.

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