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Bluetooth progress bar faulty

Bluetooth progress bar faulty


I have an iPhone 5S (iOS 8.1.2) with Spotify installed as a paid for service. 


I also have a Nokia 735 (WinPhone 8.10.14157.200) with Spotify 4.0.5385.29845 installed and beautifully in sync with the iPhone 5s.


However, when I connect them to my car built in Bluetooth music player the music progress bar moves along with each tune on the iPhone 5s treating each track as an individual track while when I connect the Nokia the car music player treats the playlist as one track .. that is for a 4 hour playlist the progress bar hardly moves and after each track does not reset.


It has to be the App that is different as the player is the same in each case. 


Its not the end of the world its just an observation .. but it would be nice if they behaved the same.





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