How am i supposed to discover new music now?

How am i supposed to discover new music now?


I am so unbelievably enraged with how spotify's been this past year. first, you removed the endless daily mixes and replaced them with mediocre finite playlists that play the same songs every single week with the addition of 2 new songs, then you also remove the option to get new music through playlist AND song radios? I just want to understand what is happening? when i first got premium, i was so happy with how easy it was to just play my endless daily mixes that played a good balance between songs that i knew and new songs that fit my taste, and now im just so disappointed that im wondering if premium is even worth it anymore. the best thing about spotify was its ability to recommend music through infinite radios and daily mixes and you ruined both. at this point it's getting really pathetic and im so disappointed with just how much your services have downgraded in just 1 year. 

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