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I hate Spotify ads... But I'll never pay to remove it

I hate Spotify ads... But I'll never pay to remove it

People pay money to solve problems in their lives. But what's annoying to me, is that the company that aims to solve my problem: remove the annoying ads.. is the same one who allows the ads.. It's almost as if we are on 2 differnet sides, and if I paid Spotify, I've lost. Even the ads are annoying "Hate this ad? you can remove it with Spotify premium".


Even ad-blockers or malware removal companies.. they probably create their own demand by releasing viruses for people to download.. then conveniently place themselves where people would search for a solution (SEO?).. then charge for it.. (but this all happens behind the scenes.. and we don't get annoyed at the malware removal security companies).. in fact, we rather like that they solve our problem. And I pay money to get that problem solved because I can trust them, and it makes my life better

So... I think instead of giving really cheap premium for Spotify, no ads access: $0.99 for 3 months? you could consider a premium version that solves a greater need of mine: I don't pick new music really well, and I like spotify because it creates curated playlists of what I may like, recommend music for each mood: To play whilst studying, whilst working out.. at the party, bed time etc... 


The company, positioned itself as a brain productivity company and basically creates a playlist where executives can play and listen to and see data that their concentration has increased... (who really cares if that is true, it just looks good, and is a fancy idea to sell and market..) 


Spotify has become important to me, because I feel that overtime, the playlists allow me to experience new music, helps me in my meditation, sleep, party ambience.. and introduces new artistes to me that I've never heard of.. which makes me look cool in front of my friends, date, or colleage... 


But. If I get so annoyed with the ads, I'll just go over to Youtube and create my own free playlist using Spotify's recommendations, then listen to it on youtube, without ads... thus leaving the platform. 


For businesses, Spotify can curate music to play at the stores/restaurants... that fits the theme/cusine/experience.. and then charge for that..

For executives/entrepreneurs, Spotify can create a "productivity" paid playlist...


For the yogis: Meditation music... etc 


"Relevant, interesting music curation" is what I find most valuable 


Just some ideas of ways to charge for the real value.


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Hey @taviawong! Thanks for coming to the community!


Music is created by artists. Artists need to be paid and Spotify makes sure the artists get paid for the music people stream. On Spotify Premium, users pay money for the artists. On Spotify Free, advertisers pay Spotify money and that money also goes to the artists. It's important that these people get money, so they can keep creating new music.

On YouTube there are ads as well, but if you have an adblocker installed you won't see them, and YouTube won't receive money, and they have to pay the artists less.

That's an explanation why ads are crucial for Spotify Free to work.


Let me know if anything's unclear, or if you need help with anything else.


Take care!

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At least change up the ads.. I have been hearing the same, horrible comercial over and over and over and over and over and ovar and over and over and over and (annoyed yet?) over and over and over and over and over and over. Geez. Can you let your marketing department know that the self-promoting ads are torture.

Musicians will make music even if they can;t get it published, but in cases like Spotify they can upload it without the overhead of publishing.  If they are only in it for the money, they can be popular (no shgortage of modern examples) and make lots of money but it doesn;t make their music "worth" the cost.  People left radio for the same reason they went to cable...the promise of no totally messes with any groove you get from the music and when I listen to trending or newer stuff I don't like enough of it to find it worth any cost...the 1 in 20 songs I think "well this isn't bad" doesn;t mean "i think they deserve money for it" but a sub means just that...every sonmg you listen to contribs toward an artist getting paid.  If they let me choose which songs I want my sub costs to contribute to, I'd sub up but until a time like that, I'll listen free and close it down everytime an ad pops up and ruins my groove, and as the OP said, just go to youtube with the playlist.

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