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I want to play spotify on the device I'm controlling, not another device

I want to play spotify on the device I'm controlling, not another device

So if I'm listening to spotify on my PC, then I go and get in my car and drive off. My phone will connect to the car and launch spotify to play music. Except spotify is still playing on my PC so now my phone is just being a controller for my PC, so I have to stop the car and go and change device in spotify...
If I'm listening to spotify on a device then I'm probably in range to control that device, I don't need another device to do.
So basically why doesn't spotify just play on the device I'm making inputs on?!
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Hello @Hoppingmad9


Thanks for reaching out and sharing this with us.


You don't need to be on the same network in order to remote control a device. As long as the device is active and logged in with the same account you will be able to control it despite not being on the same WiFi network. 

In order to not interfere with your driving experience we would advise to close down the Desktop application before embarking on a journey.


Hope this helped out. 

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I don't want to control another device!

I shouldn't have to close it on my PC! If I'm watching youtube on my PC and then load up youtube on my phone it doesn't start controlling my PC! 

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