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Is it possible to see all listening history (hours, songs, etc.)?

Is it possible to see all listening history (hours, songs, etc.)?

I've had my Spotify premium account for a few years now and I was wondering if there was any way to see all the songs I have ever listened to and how many hours. Ideally this would also be filterable by week/month/year etc. 2017wrapped was nice while it lasted and provided all this data so clearly Spotify keeps it, but it's gone now and also only had it for one year.


I know works for this but I only connected a few months ago so it's missing a ton of my scrobbles (plus sometimes it just randomly misses days/weeks).


Also, with the new GDPR, since Spotify clearly has this data, aren't they required to release this information if the customer asks for it? See:

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Yeah, I have downloaded that data but I refuse to believe that that is all the data Spotify has on me. For one thing, it only goes back a few months. It also doesn’t have much useful information.

Well, e.g. Playlist.json contains all your saved Spotify playlists from the beginning, so if you could automatically scrobble them to your profile, that would make a lot of sense. 😉

Hi everyone,


Jumping in here to share some additional info 🙂


As already mentioned, the data that can be downloaded form the account page only contains streaming history for the past year, but you can request the entire streaming history data for the life of your account by reaching out to support.


You'll find more info on that on this support page under Can I download a copy of my personal data?


If this is something that you'd like to do within the app, we'd recommend adding your vote and feedback to support this idea.


Hope you'll find this info helpful - Happy listening 🎶

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