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Log out everywhere doesn't work

Log out everywhere doesn't work

Doesn't log out everywhere or changing the password help when your account is used on Sonos?
Tried both but Sonos keeps playing.
Why doesn't it exist a working solution for this??
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I have admit them I'm really not familiar with Sonos but I'll try to help you out.


My best guess is that it keeps playing music trough your Sonos because Sonos is directly connected trough your wifi network. In order to disconnect a music service from your Sonos you'll need the Sonos app or do it on your computer.


I found an article on how to do this here.


Let me know if it fixed it for you, otherwise i'll keep searching.

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If course it works. But it didn't answer my question why the other two functions didn't work.
I had to call my friend and walk him through the steps of signing out.

The logout everywhere function doesn't seem to invalidate the access tokens that Sonos uses.


At my old place of of work they have a Sonos system, and every once in a while my playback will pause, even though I've signed out everywhere numerous times and changed my password as least as often. I have no way of signing out, since I no longer have access to the network or the Sonos system and the people I did have contact with there have left in the meantime as well...


Spotify supper even verified that there is a connection to a Sonos system active, but disabling it would just cause it to spring back to life as soon as I logged in somewhere else....


So Spotify, please make the "sign out everywhere" function so that it invalidates access tokens besides from terminating active sessions...


Edit: just found the Apps section under your account settings! It actually listed Sonos as a connected application. With the ability to revoke access 🙂 Since when has that been there? I've been searchin low- and high for this for months.... I'll just go hide in this corner here and hide in shame, mkay.

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