Music available in Spotify client not available in Sonos

Music available in Spotify client not available in Sonos


Frequently music available in the Spotify client is not available through the Sonos client. It's quite frusturating as the combo then fails to be a music solution for my home.


What causes this and is there anything I can do to fix it. I'm currently a UK account holder but based in Sweden. The problem occured in the UK as well however.


Attached is a screen shot illustrating the problem.


Thanks for any input.



spotify bug.jpg

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Hey fh, welcome to the Community.

There is currently some Spotify content that will be available to you in Spotify's own applications that cannot be played in the Sonos Spotify app.

1) Re-linked tracks

If, for any reason, a track on an album or playlist becomes unavailable Spotify will attempt to find an identical copy of the recording from another source in the catalogue. Where this has happened, you will still be able to play the track, and you will see a link icon to the right of track when viewing in a Spotify desktop client.

Unfortunately, the Sonos Spotify client does not perform this "re-linking". The development teams at both Sonos and Spotify are aware of this issue and will be working for a solution.

It is possible to work around this, by manually replacing each track in playlists with the specific "source" track (found by clicking the link icon). However, this can be quite labour intensive, so it is not a permanent solution.

2) Premium content

Pre-releases and other Premium content that is available to Premium subscribers on all other Spotify platforms is not yet available within the Sonos system.

I'm not sure exactly which of this is the case here, but this should give you a clearer sense of what it might be, I hope.
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I just signed up for a Spotify Premium trial because of problems with the Napster service.


I have the problem that premium tracks are not avialable to play on my Sonos system. This is incredibly frustrating and, frankly, is a deal breaker. Unless this is changed I will not continue the service after the 30 day free trial.

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