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Re: Spotify skill for Alexa seems to be broken

Re: Spotify skill for Alexa seems to be broken

This has been broken for me for months on end and it appears no fix is in sight for whatever reason. My Alexa devices (various Sonos speakers and an Echo Flex) will hear my command such as “play jazz”, interpret it properly, respond properly “playing jazz”…and then silence. This does not happen with any other music service and so it appears to be an issue with the cloud-based Spotify skill. I’m not sure why so many of the suggested solutions seem to involve reinstalling or logging out of the Spotify mobile app, since that app isn’t even utilized when you initiate playback through Alexa on a smart speaker. 

Please actually fix this so that we can avoid having to cancel subscriptions. It used to work perfectly reliably for years and for whatever reason some update must have broken it. 

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