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Samsung TV APP not playing sound to Optical output but can use TV output

Samsung TV APP not playing sound to Optical output but can use TV output

Hi, I recently just purchased a new Samsung smart TV 55 inch 4k Model: UN55KU6490F. I found the Spotfy app under the smart tv app menu and installed it. I was able to successfully log in and play music. The problem is that I am unable to hear the music playing when the TV is set to use the Optical output. This is the setup I currently use for all of my audio play back including through my Apple TV box, PS4 (Spotify on my PS4 uses the output just fine via HDMI to the TV then from the TV to the soundbar via the optical cable). However if I change the TV sound setup from optical output to TV speakers I am able to hear music. Is there a way within the app to select the output or have the app automatically adopt the setting for the TV? It's a strange bug becuase all of the other TV apps are able to utilize the optical output just fine. The apps I confirmed that work fine are the Sirius radio app, Netflix, Youtube. Thoughts??



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I have a similar issue with a TV UN32J5500, using Audio Out first I thought that there was no sound at all but then I realized the audio signal was very very low so turning the volume up fixed that. A bit annoying but I hope it will be solved in a future update.

This is so annoying. Having the same issue too!

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