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Show Recommendations option missing

Show Recommendations option missing

Hi my friends have Mini-Player recommendations options under setting and get song recommendations when listening to music. They can also pull up on the bottom of the screen and see discover options. I have version 7.2.26 and I'm not sure why I don't have these options. Has anyone else experienced this?
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I posted this in the wrong place 😞



Don't worry about the wrong place, I can move it to the right place in the forum.

You just need to tell me on what device you got this problem. Version 7.2.26 is that iOS?

I've moved it over here in the help section since it's not an actual idea but more a general feedback.

The new feature that is missing for you might be, because those new features are slowly rolled out to everyone. Means that some people will have it before others to test them first before making them available for everyone else.


You should also get that feature soon! 😉

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