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Song not playable anymore

Song not playable anymore



Band: Parkway Drive

Song: Idols And Anchors


The song that is playing when i start the song is wrong. It actually plays "Begin" by Parkway Drive.


Another thing that i noticed is that some Albums got deleted from "My Music". Maybe there is a connection between these two problems.

I'm not the only one. Friends got the same problem.


Please fix this and maybe tell me what happened, because this is really not why i have premium...

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Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community!
i am not sure what is wrong with this song but some songs and albums are not avaiable for listening in spotify because the artist or the music label blocked this songs for spotify. Those are only a few songs but you can buy this song and add it to your local files. Then you can add it to playlists and listen to this song even if it is not on spotify.

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Im not a Spotify Employee.

Yes i know, but this is not the reason, because the song is playable.

It's just not the right one on Spotify Desktop Version and Spotify Web Version.

In the Android App the Song ist not playable at all. So this has to be an error.


Additionally because some albums got deleted from "my music" library(but they are still available), something must have happened.

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