Sonos - 'Unable to play ______ the connection to Spotify was lost' Nov 2018

Sonos - 'Unable to play ______ the connection to Spotify was lost' Nov 2018








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Not sure if this is a Spotify or Sonos issue so will post on both forums.

Been a Google Play Music user for the last few years, but switched to Spotify for its recommendations and sharing options. Regretting it. GPM and Sonos were bullet-proof. Spotify and Sonos are constantly causing problems, and the integration is inferior - no Artist view? No Radio stations? Spotify Android app is behaving itself in general now after being incredibly buggy for the first couple of weeks.

Currently unable to play Spotify at all via my Sonos, either from Sonos, or using direct play from my desktop/Android app. Only get the message 'Unable to play _______ the connection to Spotify was lost'.

Have restarted all Sonos speakers and the bridge, restarted router, re-added my Spotify account, etc etc. No dice. 

Anything else to try?

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Hey @edreeve


There are currently some hiccups in the service and Spotify engineers are on it. It looks like your connection issue is caused by that too, so I'd suggest waiting. 🙂


You should be able to play anything you can access with your mobile client, including radio stations and music from Artist pages.


Sonos has good support articles on using Spotify, check them out here.


Let me know how it goes!

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thanks for the quick reply @Sebasty, much appreciated. It's resolved for me now, so only seemed to be an issue for a few hours.


I enjoy the service alot but am getting frustrated with constant technical issues, and am wondering if Spotify publish any best practise guides for set up, both on Android and with Sonos, as I'm experiencing relatively frequent problems with both. Any ideas?

I had the same problem this morning with SONOS/Spotify but Spotify App on my PC was OK .. I couldn't access any Spotify URLS either but now all seems OK.

I am having exactly the same problem (but from a Mac). About 10-20% of Spotify tracks won't play on Sonos and get skipped after a few seconds. Would you know if there is an update to this situation?



The problem I experienced was sorted , I think it was a temp problem with Spotify servers.

I have had similiar problems though like the ones you are having . Losing connection and skipping tracks.. I'm pretty sure I discovered the cause of my problem ... My internet fibre connection is not as good as it might be ... 11meg out/ 1 meg inbound ... My PC was transfering lots of data inbound (ONEDRIVE file shadowing) ... Although the outbound side playing Spotify had plenty of bandwidth , the inbound side was busy preventing TCP/IP ACKS to getting back to SPOTIFY hence the connection was lost . Stopping the inbopund traffic solved the problem. Maybe your problem is something similiar . 

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