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Sound volume does not obey manual settings

Sound volume does not obey manual settings

I have tried multiple browsers (IE, firefox, chrome). I have turned off add-ons and everything. Nothing seems to fix this issue. Spotify for web does not save the volume setting. Every time I adjust it, it goes back to max. It never stays at my desired setting. This has been happening since spotify web changed its look. It worked fine before. Telling me to use the desktop app is not an option.
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Try using the web player in the incognito mode.
If the issue still persists, it's better to give a shout to @SpotifyCares on twitter or contacting the support team on

It's an ongoing issue.

A workaround is toggling the volume level by right clicking on the notification area volume control and choosing mixer. There I would try lowering the web browsers volume slider.

Incognito mode doesn't work. 

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