Spotify Connect & The Audio Pro Addon C10

Spotify Connect & The Audio Pro Addon C10




I have recently purchased an Audio Pro Addon C10 wireless speaker, and i must say i'm not overwhelmed by the quality of the audio playback using the built-in Spotify Connect feature.


I understrand Spotify Connect hardware doesn't adhere to the streaming settings in the corresponding Spotify app. Can you please confirm what streaming quality the Addon C10 streams at? Is it 'Extreme Quality'? I want to be sure this isn't a bitrate issue before possibly returning the speaker. And i have a premium subscription by the way.


In addition to this, can you confirm what streaming quality the Sonos Play:5 streams at, as this is the other wireless speaker I am considering.





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Gotta retract my earlier comment. The Addon C10 is sounding much bettrer know. Looks like it just needed a run-in. Sounded terrible out of the box, but pretty good now. Massive improvement. Would still be good to know what bitrate these devices stream at though...

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