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Spotify STILL pausing at 9 seconds in

Spotify STILL pausing at 9 seconds in






Spotify Web Player AND Android App

Operating System

Acer Chromebook 15


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Despite changing some flags settings on Chrome, clearing cookies and caches, Spotify continues to pause *every* song at 9 seconds before resuming play. This has been marked as "Solved" in other threads but it hasn't actually. One user - NOT a Spotify employee of any kind - suggested the flags to help with the problem. It helped me for a few weeks before the issue resumed.


It would be nice if this was an issue that Spotify would actually look into and truly work on solving. I've been a Spotify user since it was in beta in the US but honestly, this is almost enough to make me switch platforms. It's a small thing but it's wildly irritating.

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Hey there folks,


Thank you for your posts in this thread.


As @csbubbles mentioned - we currently have an ongoing issue about this. We suggest that you head over there and leave the information that's being asked for. You can also leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the thread for any updates.


Take care!

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I've had the same. Experimented with chrome flags similar to those mentioned here and it worked for some time, then came back...


So I went to chrome://flags and started experimenting again. ATM it works again, so I'm sharing the flags I used:

Screenshot from 2021-03-11 16-15-03.png


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I checked and I don't have any firewall or Antivirus software installed on my computer.


I relaunched a new window with incognito and I will check if that's better.


the flags did not change anything also

I tried to play music in incognito mode > no change.


I rebooted everything connected in my house > no change.


I tried to renew my public IP adress > No change.


Apart from the tim change, there was nothing that has changed on my network

Hey folks, 


Thanks for your replies. 


Could you send over a video where we can take a better look at this issue? 


You can attach it to your next response to us by using the Insert Video option in the post editor or you can send a link to it, just make sure to exclude any personal info from the video.


We'll be on the lookout. 

I could not take a video but her is a screenshot with the paused song.


If i click next, the next song plays well but otherwise it stays that way


Hi @clay-mobil


Thanks for getting back to us. 


Could you try logging in to the web player using a different device and the same internet connection? 


Let us know how it goes.

I did not have a computer at hand so I created a virtual machine to test i and I encounterred the same problem, but this time I had a pause at 9 seconds and 39 seconds. no idea why

I changed the network card to change the mac adress of the machine and no change



Today  I tried on a different web  browser (the new edge) all seemed to be working but at one point, it also paused at 9 seconds.


If you could find a solution I would be reeeeally grateful ^^





Thanks for the info and your help in troubleshooting this.


Can you let us know if you can try creating a mobile hotspot from your phone and connect your computer to that one. This will help us determine if the issue is network related or related to any System administration software on your pc itself.


You can also try to enable Smooth Scrolling in Google chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Copy and paste the link below into the address bar of Chrome, and press Enter.


3. Select Enabled.


The Default setting has smooth scrolling enabled, but it could automatically disable smooth scrolling when you have too many tabs open or it could be manually done by your Administrator.


Keep us posted on how you get on.


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I have the same problem. Fresh system, fresh web browser, and at 9 sec spotify stops.

This is very annoying. In the morning I like listening to the music, but I have to come to click 'next' at almost every song. And after a few 'next' click and I turn it off and play music at 'google music' because it works without interruption.

And I have a premium version.

Hey @dominikk


Thanks for reaching out about this. 


Just to confirm, is this only happening in the web player? 


It would also be helpful to know which troubleshooting steps you've already tried. This will help us give you better suggestions. 


Keep us posted.

I have the same problem. Fresh system, fresh web browser, and at 9 sec spotify stops.

I think you will loose your customers and listeners in short time, if doesnt fix this bug!!!

Hi @3162l7zr4anfrt


Thanks for reaching out to us. 


Could you let us know if you've already followed any of the previous suggestions? It's important that we gather this info so we can report this issue to the right folks if needed.


Also, do you notice the same behavior using a different internet connection? 


We'll be on the lookout.

A little research shows this problem has been going on since at least 2017, in various forms.  Seriously?  With so many folks having similar issues, with very specific details, I find it hard to believe the technical crew can't recreate and isolate the problem.  Really sad.  I guess I should be glad that I only experience the problem intermittently.  It's on Chrome and Edge, both latest version as of this post.  Clicking previous, previous, next generally gets it started again.

Hey @OkMarkyMark


Thanks for reaching out about this.


Would you mind letting us know if the same thing happens with a different account?


If you've tried any other steps, feel free to let us know. 


Keep us posted.

Also happening to me on Chrome, playback stops at 9 seconds every couple of minutes. This is obviously a bug that Spotify should fix and not a client issue, please stop telling people to restart or whatever, just fix it.

Ok so I wasn't sure but I posted a few minutes ago links to the spotify subreddit with the most recent posts about the 9 seconds problem and it got deleted twice ( I guess it's an automatic thing when there is a link to an external website)

My point is, a lot of people are encountering this problem and it lasts for years, comes and goes.. apparently a lot of people are having the problem since last week.


I get that you have to troubleshoot every problem but this one has ben troubleshoot several times now with people from everywhere, using different browsers, different IP, different ISP, different Operating systems.


If you don't know what is causing the issue, just tell us because right now it's causing more frustration for everyone (probably including you)

Hey folks, 


Thanks for your replies. 


We understand where you're coming from. However, keep in mind that issues such as these can be caused by many different factors, so what works for some users might not work for others. This is the reason why we need to narrow it down with everyone as much as possible, it helps us see if the cause is the same or not.


@lucasjames1, could you give us a bit more info about what you've tried? This info will also help us report the issue to the right folks. 


Keep us posted.

The tech support here does not answer questions. They ask the questions. They deflect and obfuscate. 




If you really want Spotify to address the issue with their programming hit them in their pocket books people. Stop paying to be frustrated with a subpar service and stop wasting your time on these tech-dodos.

Yeah but  I Don't want to cancel my subscription because on my end, Spotify works on andoird but it's the web app that nedds fixing.


But where we can agree is there: all the topics that are related to the probel of the 9 seconds are the same:

- problem

- solution: clear your cache, reboot the router, incognito mode, change of network, change of browser..


Nothing works, The only thing I saw is that the 9 seconds marks seems to fit the point where Spotify downloads more of the song that is currently playing and the download is stopped for some reason...


A friend had the problem last week and it's fixed for him but not for me..


Help .. ^^

Cleared cookies, logged back in, issue reappeared an hour later. 3 different machines now, always on chrome, Win 10.

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