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Spotify can't play this right now. Why not?

Spotify can't play this right now. Why not?




 United States of America


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Windows 8.1


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 I'm trying to listen to a song, it's actually a rendition of a song made by another artist. I've listened to it before, but I can't listen to it now. It says; 'Spotify can't play this right now. If you have the file on your computer you can import it.'


I don't have the file on my computer, but would still like to listen to it. Why is this happening? I'd love to share the URL, however I can't access it at all.


The title is, "Or Nah Rendition" by SoMo

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I got it working again by simply reinstalling Spotify.

I Have a fix (For me at least)


I had the same problem but the exclusion of songs was limed to explicit songs. So I went on my phone and went under settings -> Explicit Content and then I allowed Explicit Content by turning it on. Then I went back to my computer and I logged out of Spotify and restarted it and logged back in and then the problem was gone. I hope I helped someone in the making of this post.




Unfortunately, the problem occurred once again on my pc, and this time my earlier solution (updating/installing java and adobe flash & shockwave) doesn't take, Reinstalling neither. Don't know what to do.

Very frustrating, also because many others seem to have the same problem, and I counted tenths of possible solutions on the forums here, that may of may not work.

Good luck to everybody,


I uninstalled and reinstalled spotify and that fixed this problem for me.

So I also favorited it and it worked?!?!??!??! Thanks bro.

For me, updating realtek high def audio driver (with restarting pc afterwards), finally solved it this time. Strange, tried it before, didn't work then, now it did.

None of my other software/apps on my win 10 Pro 64 bit pc had/has any problems with the audio driver, everything worked and still works just fine, only spotify app didn't.

See how long it'll hold this time...




Bizarre....I downgraded again to my old Realtek high def audio drivers (because of volume issues with the new, updated, driver), so I had the exact situation where my spotify windows app wouldn't work whatsoever, and now it still runs normally...

Makes no sense.

You need to delete the locally saved app data.  Don't worry, doing this won't erase your actual saved app usage info like playlists and songs and artists, but it will erase your recent history list.  The simple way to do this is to quit Spotify, then open 'Terminal' app on OSX, and paste this into your terminal, and hit enter:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/ && rm -rf Spotify/

If this doesn't work, type it in manually, because sometimes the copy-paste clipboard doesn't properly paste the minus/dash symbol, aka: 


 Reopen Spotify and log back in.


@peacegecko That's only on an mac right? I am running on a windows pc

changing my speakers in the settings work for me. probs give that a try.

this one work for me

OSX 10.11.6

Doesent work for me with local files, have 3 different soundcards, used them all... (PC)

So far:
New Codecs



Realtek reinstall


Spotify Reinstall

Spotify Switch (Store / Web)

Deleting Local Files
Deleting Reg Keys

Downloading Everything

Hardware ac.

Offline mode

Speaker Switch

None of this worked... 🙂

So im getting really frustrated... Best thing is that i can play those files on my phone which doesent have them "Local"... PC does but "Spotify can't play this right now" cos whatever reason....

Same here. I used to be able to solve the problem, but things changed, for about 6 months, when I accidentally succeed in solving the problem, it starts all over again within a few days or weeks. Extremely annoying by now..

Try favoriting the songs that won't work then hitting play. It worked for me, even after I unfavourited them.

Thanks, but doesn't work for me.

The solution that worked for me is to reconnect my hifi-system that was set to default audio output for spotify. Or I think you can just reset the audio configuration by default. Capture154856.PNG

I had this exact same issue, I got in touch with spotifys live support and it turned out to be that my account was having connection issues with my device, they were able to fix it on their end within minutes

My G.

I had this problem on Windows 10. It was because I was using Sibelius music-scoring program with the Sibelius Audio Engine (software setting) set to ASIO4 All instead of set to Primary Sound Driver (the Sibelius default). Switching Sibelius back to the default fixed the problem. This suggests to me that anyone getting the 'Spotify can't play this right now', message should look for other programs that might be diverting audio signals in software. 

This was exactly my issue.  I use Voice Meter Banana for mixing.  I happened to buy a set of Sony BT ANC headphones.  Whenever I connect them to my PC, Windows changes my default playback and default capture devices away from VMB and this seems to upset Spotify.


I would suggest that people check their system audio device defaults.

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