Spotify enabled hardware controlled via Android ?

Spotify enabled hardware controlled via Android ?


Dear all,


I have spotify on my mobile phones and I was wondering if there was any of these 'Spotify enabled hardware' that allows me to control which music I play via my phone ?


At this moment I am using a computer streaming via DLNA to my PS3 and then to my tuner in the living room. And I can control the music via "Spotimote", an Android app which requires a software installed on my computer.

I would like to remove the computer and possibly have an ampli-tuner from which I could control the music via my phone (as usually playing anything else than playlist is rather painful with tuners' interfaces). Any idea if this exist or is anywhere near possible ?


I'm basicaly looking for a way to listen to Spotify music in all my flat rooms in a centralized way. Ampli Tuner (to be bought) would broadcast the signal wirelessly to my rooms. Wireless speakers would be receiving it and playing the sound (I have already wired speakers in the living room). Android would be the remote controller.

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