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Spotify function on Sonos cannot access to "your music"

Spotify function on Sonos cannot access to "your music"

In the section Spotify into Sonos controller (both Iphone and PC), it's not possibile to see the music saved (which appears in the app Spotify as "your music"). There are only favorites and playlists. It 'a very penalizing limitation, because I save all disks in just that way and I can not replayed from Sonos . Any chance to activate it?

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Hey @Babomix


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community. I hope you've had a nice weekend!


This feature isn't yet available on Sonos systems, but we'll be sure to pass your feedback and requests on to our developers. We'd also recommedn that you show your support to the relevant idea on our Ideas page. You can find that over at


I hope that directs you further. Hopefully we'll have some more news on this soon.



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