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Spotify in SONOS different than "regular" Spotify?

Spotify in SONOS different than "regular" Spotify?

Was frustrated that certain music not available in Spotify via SONOS and assumed certain music just not on Spotify. Recently tried Spotify mobile with iphone in my car and imagine my surprise when I found lots of music not available via SONOS interface WAS available in mobile!! A couple of examples, Grand Funk Railroad's early albums (On Time, The Red Album, Closer to Home) NOT in SONOS interface, but perfectly fine in mobile! A more recent release...Parquet Courts, a new band I saw in Brooklyn...same thing!


Anyone explain? Thx!!

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Strange cause "on time" and "closer to home" is available for me using Sonos.

WOW!!! Have to figure out why...any ideas?


How about band Parquet Courts? Are the songs available?

The album "light up gold" is available.

In which country is your spotify registered?
Mine is Sweden.
Same account in Sonos as in mobile device?

In USA....I think they are the same account...Spotify Premium...



It must be premium, it's the only account type that works on Sonos.

The only thing I can think of is that there is difference in what spotify have licensed between different type of devices.
I have always seen mobile and Sonos as the same.

Do you only use Spotify via SONOS? Or have you accessed via mobile and/or PC? Could you compare the 2 for Grand Funk and Parquet you see the same on both devices?

Hi, then compare with the iPad it's the same as compared in Sonos.


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