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Spotify not scrobbling when listened on Sonos One

Spotify not scrobbling when listened on Sonos One


I bought a pair of Sonos One speakers. They were the most recommended speakers when it comes to integration with Spotify. After listening to music on them for a few days, I realized the songs that are listened on the speakers are not scrobbled to After a rather lengthy problem shooting session on SpotifyCare's Twitter, it turned out that I had to install Sonos app, install the Last FM add-on and enable it for every device that is meant to scrobble.


This could be due to the fact that, Sonos are counted as separate devices. This means even though you are listening to music on your laptop or iPhone (and therefore are under the illusion that your music is scrobbled), you need an extra app that technically makes your way through. This is slightly confusing and I have many cases of songs double-scrobbled or not scrobbled at all.


Since Spotify has updated its integration with Last FM so that, through a one-time device-independent connection, the scrobbling is enabled, this is a redundant step.

I wonder if there will be a fix in place if there isn't already one.


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I am having the same issue.


-When app in sonos is installed I get double scrobbles on Spotify
-When app in sonos is installed I get correct scrobbles when playing via my Music library
-When app in sonos is not installed I don't get any scrobbles in Spotify or music library

Please fix or let me know how I can help

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