[Symbian] Better app for Symbian

[Symbian] Better app for Symbian



Is it possible that Spotify's Symbian app will be updated to work properly with new devices? It hasn't updated since Nokia 5800 and that's like 2008-2009 and I can see it. You can't log in with account made with Facebook, I wrote my FB's email and password but it says that there is something wrong with log in details.

Spotify app should be made with QT so it would be smooth as it can be with Symbian.

Next thing is that you can't change offline playlist's folder, that is really annoying. This app is not even supporting splitscreen keyboard.

When I tested this on my Nokia 701, I really felt like I don't want to pay 5€ more for this..

 And it seems that you haven't updated the compatible Nokia's list in over half year because there is not Nokia 701 and the app is however available for it from Nokia Store.

So please, give us Symbian users good app for this awesome world of music named Spotify.

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Is Symbian really forgotten by Spotify?

Even if anyone does not look intrested in this, I'll upgraded to premium and the user experience is very poor with Symbian app.

I can't change offline playlist's folder and app's overall usability is far away from smooth.

Well, I can listen to music and that's the main thing..


I just have to say that QT-app would be from another world if Spotify wanted to invest to it.


Spotify should definetly make things smoother before loosing premium users. At least they should try to outsource the job to nokia.


Spotify should really step it up for Symbian.

I know that it isn't the most commonly used mobile operating system (anymore) but that doesn't mean you have to render little to no support for it.

I'm using a Nokia N97 Mini that is listed as a supported phone. However, when I use the phone in landscape or with the keyboard flipped open the app doesn't go to landscape.


If you're connected to WiFi and move out of coverage somehow (i.e.: you walk out your front door and go to 3G) the app hangs. You need to wait until the WiFi connection times out before it becomes responsive again. Then you can try to connect to 3G but usually it means restarting the app.


Default features that my 20 year old stereo can handle, such as shuffle, are not implemented.


On the other hand, I'm pretty sure this will be ignored to death just as they did for another basic media player feature (being able to select your output channel). That's the real sad part about this all.

I agree that it's unlikely that Spotify would update their Symbian app after few years without any updates.

Well, now I know that I'm not alone with all these problems.


I know this thread is old and I'm pretty sure spotify hasn't updated the app since.


Just want to point out that the shuffle and reply buttons resets to default (off) when you close spotify and that when i get phone calls, the music stops but doesn't resume when the call ends. very annoying when you're driving. It works when you recieve a message though.


Oh and one more thing. the volume control also resets to 50% when you close spotify.


This needs serious update. 


+1 for this thread. I've gotten used to the reset of volume/shuffle after several years with Spotify on a Nokia N82, but now that I upgraded to Nokia 808 I hope for a better Spotify client. 


One new issue has occured: Spotify hangs when trying to sync each local file in the playlists for several minutes before timing out and continuing to the next song, which makes it impossible to sync offline tracks to my Nokia while Spotify is running on the main computer. If I shut down Spotify on the computer, the other tracks syncronize just fine. This used to work fine until only a couple weeks ago, does anyone else experience this?


Another issue not mentioned, not a biggie but both on the N82 and 808 the coverart disappears from tracks randomly after some time, and does not reappear until I delete the playlist from offline mode and and do a new sync.

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