[Symbian] syncronice offline playlists without WiFi go 3G?

[Symbian] syncronice offline playlists without WiFi go 3G?


I have a symbian phone without WiFi, and syncronicing with 3G is way to expencive. Is there any other way to sync offline playslists?


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The simple answer to that question is no.

Inspired by the novel Push by Sapphire 😛


Would it not be made possible to connect the phone to a computer (Bluetooth or USB) and use the computer's internet connection to sync? Surely that isn't too hard to implement?  I love Spotify and use it mostly to listen to music in my car. But without access to a wifi it's way too expensive to sync, say, 8 hours of music. And surely that is the whole point of having Spotify on a mobile? Sync options is still the weak point of spotify..

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