The web player will often set the PC volume to 100% after being paused for a while

The web player will often set the PC volume to 100% after being paused for a while


I'm using Chrome to listen to Spotify (can't use the program as I'm at work), and for the past few months I've been using it, it's been setting the volume to 100% when I unpause it.


It's not instant, more like it'll resume, but shortly after it'll stop, and when it starts up again, it's blasting it out really loud, and it affects the whole PC. The volume control doesn't change, so just wiggling the slider will reset it. During the time it's stopped, the web player is still responsive, but controls like "play/pause" or skipping to other bits of the song don't do anything. 


Here's the steps I can recreate it with:

1. Pause web player and walk off for a bit

2. Unpause

3. Wait until the music stops

4. When it resumes 10 seconds later, it will be as if the PC volume is set to 100%

5. Wiggle the windows volume control for it to reset back to normal


Any ideas? The issue is directly related to the web player but I don't know how or why

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Hello @PeterH9. Except for step #3 and the 10 sec resume gap you described at #4, all the rest is happening in my desktop app at the moment. Too bad there wasn't a reply to this. In my case, I honestly couldn't remember if it was happening before I 'clean reinstalled' Windows 10. Anyway this issue is really annoying and I still hope somebody will be able to give a proper solution. By the way, any chance you've already solved your issue?

Hey, I've fortunately not had to use the web app since so I never found an actual fix for it.

Back home everything is fine using the desktop app. On my work PC, the volume can still randomly jump up to max after being paused, but it's a lot less annoying than when it froze for 10 seconds lol. I have a feeling it's also happened on youtube though, so it may be another issue unrelated to spotify, just no idea what.

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