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[WP 7.5] Why only iPhone is updated? Seriously update WP 7.5!

[WP 7.5] Why only iPhone is updated? Seriously update WP 7.5!



A playlist folders, extreme sound quality... Only in iPhone. But Spotify, do you remember that Android and Windows phone users pay to you too? Why should we pay for what we do not get.


I do not want to pay for it, that iPhone users get the update and I Windows phone user not.


Update Android and Windows phone apps now!


Add your Kudos! I hope that we get a update in the next month. Then you have to think about this if you want to continue receiving the payment from us.

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More iphone users 😕 it sucks.

Yes, it sucks. In Windows Phone Spotify app a lot bugs. And no 320 Kbps mode... This is must have, we pay for 320 in Premium. The Windows Phone app itself is awesome, just fix the bugs and add all new stuff, Spotify. 🙂

Dude.. Have you *seen* the iPhone app? It looks like a 10-yr old created it... it's about as functional as a brick.

It is about as functional as a brick , with constant crashing and locking up.

I've just done the sensible thing and cancelled my premium account.

I suggest everyone with an iphone who has issues also cancels.

I'm tired to this Bluetooth bug... Smiley Sad


Where is update... I wait it.


All those little bugs makes me wonder why I'm use still Spotify. Deezer has good-working WP7 app. And I use still buggy app from Spotify. But I live in hope and wait... I love Spotify...


So Spotify... Surprise Me...

I have opened a new account. I was formaerly known here as 'UziYerDaddy'


I have also upgraded my iPhone to 4S (iOS5.1), and so far I have had no issue with the crashes I have been experiencing for MONTHS with Spotify.


My new phone coincided with my cancelled subs of my old account, so I can't give any reliable information as to what fixed my issue.


I will be watching this with interest though, and any new problems I have, if any,  will be posted here.

Hey, add your kudos to this All Windows Phone bugs in one thread thread, if you want that Spotify fix those problems.


Let's hope that my thread will sit at home page on the community forever. Maybe then Spotify notice those problems.

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