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[WP7] Offline playlist storage questions

[WP7] Offline playlist storage questions

Hi There,


I have a HTC 7 Pro windows phone and have a question - When syncing files to my windows phone from spotify playlists (so that I can listen offline) where do they go on the phone memory? Also - Do these get deleted when I choose NOT to download them locally as It would appear that I cannot locate these files on my phone, and also that these files remain in the phones storage when i choose to unsync these playlists. As when I choose to re-download these to the memory these are aquired almost immediately.


Hope this makes sense.

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I am going to pop your post into its own topic since you posted on a BlackBerry topic 😉



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Hey there,


I don't know where tracks are when downloaded Offline. The folder is hidden.


However when you choose to remove offline status, Spotify will automatically empty cache. If you're unsure, you always can uninstall app and then start from first step - login.

Hi Guys,


Many thanks for this the lack of a file explorer on the phones interface does not make it very easy to see whats going on back there. I will unistall the app and this should dlete all of the local files yes?


Hp Guru - Another (unrelated) question for you that you may be able to help with- I have a HP Pavillion DV7000 laptop that the display has malfuctioned on . It is now displaying 4 x horizontal operating system views (if that makes sense). Read online that there is alot of heating issues due to the way they manufactured the sync from the GPU on the board. Can you suggest how I can remedy this?


Apologies for this being out of context, i can communicate via mail if prefered.

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