Web Player no sound, playlist error

Web Player no sound, playlist error

EDIT: It works now. There seem to be issues with the new web player.


Unbenannt.pngI tried to play some music in the web player, wich worked perfectly a few days ago. Now, with the new design, I get an error message that something went wrong with my playlist and there's a reload suggested. But this changes nothing. There is no sound if I try to play music and if I reload the error message reoccurs.


Things I tried:

  • cleaning cache
  • reinstalling flash
  • granting exception in Chrome for the new URL (open.sportify.com)


System information:

  • Win 7 Prof (latest patchlevel)
  • Chrome 55.0.2883.87
  • Flash Version
  • HTML Proxy is present

Thanks for any suggestions to solve my problem.

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Hey @TKB! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


I'm glad it's working for you again. ^^



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