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connection problems with Spotify on Sonos

connection problems with Spotify on Sonos

Hoi everybody

If we want to play Spotify on Sonos ( which went perfect until 3 days ago ) we receive following error message.

During the connection with spotify there's been a time-out.

Please try again ( whicch offcourse we did 🙂 ) Still nothing.  Please contact Spotify if the problem keeps poping up.

Can somebody please help, we already contacted

Thank you



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Same issue here. Been going on for a couple weeks. Any answers yet? I thought maybe I should try the new method of using Spotify to control Sonos but the instructions lead me to a setting that doesn't seem to exist on either my pc or my iphone. Tried uninstall and re-install of sonos but that didn't work either. Really missing my sonos...

Same problem here and its been like this for at least a month. What's going on Spotify? Not why I pay for premium!

Actually got mine to work. I did the updates for both Sonos on my phone and computer and totally fixed the issue for me.

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