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track deleted from spotify

track deleted from spotify

Hello there.


there is a track i saved from the discovry and i saved him to my music on spotify

i dont know is name or any detail about him 

and now i cant find him in my music library 

and it might took off from spotify by the artist or something


my question is

if there is a way  to see his name ( a history of music playing )

or there is a list off all my previous saved music even those i deleted

so i can find the name 

i really liked that song 😞


thank you 

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Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community!


Spotify adds all music available to them. Unfortunately, sometimes the artist/label don’t want certain tracks/album on
spotify, which is why they can’t be found.


You can read more about missing music in the
music FAQ.
Take particular note of the fifth point.

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