Best New True Crime Podcasts (2021)

Best New True Crime Podcasts (2021)


Hello! Spotify Podcast Editorial team here to share some of our favorite new true crime podcasts. And as they say on My Favorite Murder, “Stay sexy and don’t get murdered”. Enjoy!


Chicano Squad


Cristela Alonzo hosts this true story podcast about Houston’s Latino community where forty years ago, an all-Latino, barely trained, homicide squad was created.  This was to be a cure for the discrimination and police violence in their community and this podcast will tell all about this experiment.


Crime Show


True Crime and true stories told by survivors, victims, and perpetrators in their own words. Follow surprising twists in a story about a mother who loses her baby in a fire. Hear a two-parter about a social worker just trying to do good but ends up uncovering a shocking find. Every story is unique and you’ll never forget them.


Internet Urban Legends


Loey Lane and Snitchery go online to bring you freaky stories from the web.  There will be conspiracies, hoaxes and chants.


Killer Role


This podcast from Keith Morrison tells a Hollywood story of an actress cast to play a killer in a short film who turns out to not even be using her real name to possibly being a killer in real life.


Mommy Doomsday


Lori Vallow’s children disappeared in September of 2019 and this podcast details the bizarre events surrounding their deaths and the Doomsday beliefs and love affair that Lori got swept up in.


Sistas Who Kill: A True Crime Podcast


Best friends MaRah and Taz tell us about Black women who kill and how they are treated differently in the Justice system.


Stolen: The Search for Jermain


This investigative podcast traces the disappearance of Jermain Charlo, who disappeared one night in 2018 and was never seen again.  This podcast goes inside the thousands of hours of investigation and leads surrounding her disappearance.


The Apology Line


“Mr. Apology” created a phone line where anonymous callers confessed everything from simple shoplifting to serial murder.  In this podcast, his wife, Marissa Bridge, hosts the six episode journey that this Apology Line took them both on and the obsession that overtook her husband.


The Opportunist


Hannah Smith hosts this season of the Opportunist which spins a tale of internet cult leader, Sherry Shriner and those who followed her and some who died, supposedly, because of her.


Welcome to Your Fantasy


If you haven’t heard of the Chippendales, get ready for an oiled ride through the 80s with some “male exotic dancers”. Historian Natalia Petrzela takes you on a journey from dancing for entertainment to greed, corruption, and murder.


What new true crime podcasts are you listening to? Let us know!

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Anyone else listening to To Live and Die in LA Season 2??  


I have quite a few true crime podcasts that I listen to, but my favorite that just had a couple of new episodes added is Your Own Backyard...Chris has done an excellent job with this one. Definitely worth checking out. 


Just finished The Apology Line because of this post--thanks for the recommendation. Good one to binge while doing chores

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