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Bring back Every Little Thing! (Gimlet podcast)


Bring back Every Little Thing! (Gimlet podcast)

I think this is the best show on Spotify.

It showcases strong women, it is hilarious, very witty, informative and perhaps slightly controversial, but I feel it struck a good balance.

An excellent show, please bring it back!

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Please bring back ELT (Every Little Thing podcast). It was a quality show. If you don't want to bring it back, give the right to Flora and crew so they can keep making it.

I agree, having this show cancelled is very disappointing.  Humor and education meshed together in a great show.  Shame on Spotify for cancelling this show.  Maybe Spotify does not fit into my needs anymore.  Cancelation can go two ways.

Please reconsider this decision Spotify!!! This is one of thr best podcasts out there, I am absolutely heartbroken it has been cancelled.

Great podcasts are SO hard to find, please don't take this one away.


At the very least please let them continue elsewhere!! 😕


This honestly makes me want to pick a new streaming subscription somewhere else 😞

Devastated by this -- I'm a premium family subscriber and cancelling ELT has turned my family into Spotify haters. My teenage kids can't believe a show like this could get cancelled. What an amazing show. 

Bring! Back! ELT! So disappointed that Spotify can continue to support Joe Rogan but won't support a wonderful show such as Every Little Thing. I finally understand why many people decided to cancel their subscriptions and switch to another platform. 

It has been over a year and I still haven't fully accepted that ELT is gone. Worst move ever. They also axed The Get Up. Spotify, bring back ELT

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