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Can I block podcasts for 10 year old


Can I block podcasts for 10 year old

Like genre mystery etc.

Those about murder etc is not appropriate!!

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Yes! I agree! Erotica or podcasts with inappropriate photos should generate. There should be an option to disable those. I get that podcasts are staying on Spotify but allow more options for customization. 

Hi my 8-year-old just discovered video podcasts on Spotify and have been watching videos all day long. All I wanted when I signed up for the Family Plan was to restrict her access to songs and audio podcasts (not videos). If she wanted videos, I could have easily just turned on YouTube for kids or something. How do I disable video podcasts on her sub-Family account?

This is an essential feature. I'm actively looking at cancelling my plan right now because of unrestricted podcasts.

I am also having an issue with unwanted podcasts showing up on my feed. I have tried to remove them from my feed but there is no option and it's very frustrating because Spotify keeps recommending podcasts that I don't want to see because they are inappropriate or I just don't want them on my feed. I wish there was at least a way to block an account or something.

Cancelled my paid subscription and now deleting my account. You will lose many customers over this issue. I see questionable podcasts rating their content as clean, when it is far from it. Do better.

Owocast is a fun one - nothing like teaching 12 year olds about vore, bondage and other sexual kinks.


Labelled as comedy! Really?! Not to be prude, but there are things that should be off limits, at least for a few more years?


 You can do better!

Yess I need an answer for this one as well. I keep getting suggestions for this podcast about murder mystery and crimes, and I don't like the thumbnails and titles displaying blood, gore and people hurting people. How can I block those podcast suggestions?

Same here - tween is watching video podcasts all day long. Will cancel family plan of controls not quickly put into place. 

We are having the same issue with our 12yo. I don't use the app so I wasn't aware of this until today. I didn't love the podcast he was watching and asked him to turn it off, we got into an argument over it. I am frustrated there are so many darn obstacles in the digital world. Esp with an app that we pay for that was intentionally only for music. Please incorporate a feature that we parents can turn off the podcast option. We are likely going to cancel our subscription. 

I'd like to protect my family from Joe Rogan and his guests' racist, hateful, and medically dangerous dribble 

To block explicit content on Spotify and make it suitable for 10-year-olds, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your device and go to "Settings."

  2. Scroll down and look for "Explicit Content."

  3. Toggle on the "Block Explicit Content" option.

  4. If you want to restrict access to certain songs or artists altogether, you can also create a "Restricted" playlist. To do this, go to "Your Library" and tap on "Playlists."

  5. Tap on the "New Playlist" option and name it "Restricted" or something similar.

  6. Add any songs or artists that you want to restrict from your child's access to this playlist.

  7. Finally, make sure to enable the "Restricted" playlist on your child's account by going to "Settings," then "Playback," and toggling on the "Hide Restricted Content" option.

With these settings in place, Spotify will block explicit songs and podcasts from appearing in your child's search results and recommended content. Additionally, any songs or artists that you've added to the "Restricted" playlist will be hidden from their view as well.

100% agree. I want my kids to have freedom to explore music, now I need to remove WiFi and only let them download. Allow us to switch off this unmonitored rubbish!

My kids are too old for Spotify kids (plus there is no desktop app for it) and they are not old enough to have unmonitored access to videos! Please give us a way to block video access. I only gave them Spotify for music, not for videos. There are other music only streaming services…

We have the "explicit content" option checked but there is a ton that gets past it. We are constantly coming across songs with swear words, sexual cover-art and demonic story-telling...and sometimes the "next thing" that is played has absolutely nothing to do with the first thing listened to. Obviously when it comes to child-rearing there are different approaches to what some families consider appropriate or not. Give parents a feature to decide for themselves which is and is not appropriate. Spotify definitely needs more parental controls.

Furthermore, sometimes podcasts that are not appropriate for kids will have a single episode that may come up when our son searches for something like Star Wars or Dog Man. I should be able to block those I don't want him finding again when he puts in those search criteria.

We just upgraded to the family premium plan thinking there would be better features in place. There are not. The Spotify kids app has very few of the same kinds of family friendly podcasts featured on regular spotify.

Unless this changes, we may need to just cancel our subscription altogether.

If you want parents to keep using this service, there needs to be a block feature for podcasts. Why wouldn't there be one?

I’ve done this and all the gross erotica podcasts keep coming up in my 10 year olds account… they aren’t being flagged as explicit as fast as they are going up. 

Dear Parents, my kids just informed that Spotify has been pushing them podcasts with suicidal promortion made specially for kids.

Suggested explicit content mark WILL NOT HELP as it’s up to Content Creator to place this mark a suicidal promotion content creators are not putting this indicator and when blocked will just create a new user.


Spotify invested billions in Podcasts and will not switch it off as our kids make them look good in front of investors and show that people are watching podcasts.

They use mental health of our kids to make money. Run!!!

the problem is that over restricts.  Just as one example, Songs from the musical Hamilton are labelled “explicit.”  So in order to avoid absolutely disgusting podcasts you have to restrict so much music.  I don’t care about lyrics in songs, I just dont want my kid having access to x rated podcasts.  

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