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Can't add/edit audio of published episode?


Can't add/edit audio of published episode?

Hi, I need to add a piece of audio to a podcast episode I already published. This used to be really easy and now it seems the only way for me to edit would be to delete and  re-upload with the added audio? The options when I click on the three dots next to the episode no longer include "edit". Anyone know if that option still exists? Thanks!

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Hi! Not sure if this is what you're after, but I just ran into a similar issue with the "edit" settings having changed. (I was trying to change the podcast image). I'm working on the website version on a windows computer.


  1. click "episodes"
  2. click the episode title you want to edit.
  3. click "details"
  4. In the details tab, basically everything is editable, including text and image, and audio by clicking "replace"

I hope that helps.

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